Blank Skateboard Decks


Blank skateboard decks are generic skateboards that do not have any embellishments. They do not have any thing printed or painted or stuck on them that makes it identifiable when placed next to other blank decks. The issue about these decks is their quality. Die -hard skateboarders will always recommend that you buy the branded boards. They will tell you, that in the long run, branded skateboards will perform better and keep you safer. They argue that you will save more money if you buy one good skateboard rather than buying a cheap one which won’t last so long.

The problem with this is that if you are still learning you may think that it’s ok to have something cheap because you may not use the skateboard all that much anyway. If you compare the prices of branded boards to skateboards with blank decks, you will really have people turning their heads. Some blank decks cost only a tenth of a regular skateboard deck.


The Blank Deck

The Blank Deck

It is ok if you want to have a skateboard that will just glide you up and down the street. But if you want something that will help you keep your balance as you learn how to stay on a moving skateboard then blank skateboard decks are fine. But you will be deluding yourself if you think that anyone who has been on a skateboard will stop at just zipping up and down the sidewalk.

Although skateboards were a simple means of conveying a person from one street to another when they first came on the market, anyone would agree that they have come a long way from here. These days’ skateboards are used for doing tricks and stunts as in extreme skateboarding. Blank decks will not have the durability of branded ones, unless you happen to buy an undecorated deck from a good skateboard manufacturer. Good luck on that.

Quality is not the only reason why some skateboarders shy away from buying blank decks. They believe it does not help the skateboarding industry grow. They argue that, yes, it’s easy to buy cheap decks and skateboards which are usually imported from overseas manufacturers, but you hamper the growth of the local businesses in the area. These local skateboard businesses are the ones that put up money to enable skateboarding lovers to have competitions, tours and exhibitions.

Like surfing, skateboarding has its own culture where similar minded people get together to exchange tips and stories. The people who make the branded skateboards also suffer because they don’t make cheap stuff that may accidentally break during a performance and they are scared that cheap skateboards will damage their reputation. Authentic, well made decks made from 7-ply maple aren’t made quickly. They take time and craftsmanship to produce. If you can find this quality from blank skateboard decks then you will have bought yourself a good deal.