Skating Tricks


Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boi may have increased the popularity of skateboarding among the youngsters, but it is suffice to say that the sport has been a big part of the pop culture long before. Skateboarding was, in fact, named as one of the most favourite past times of high school students in America.


While there are basic moves that neophytes learn during their first few months of skateboarding, many are interested in performing skating tricks that can wow their peers…and get them to the top of the social arena.


Here are few of the infamous yet easy-to-learn skating tricks that you can try with your skateboard. Be sure to have your safety gears before going on the ramp and letting the wheels roll.


1. Ollie – this actually is the most “important” skating trick. For you to be able to do a kick 

flip, help flip or pop shove it, you have to know the proper positioning of the foot in an ollie. Skaters like you can perform this trick by putting your front foot in the middle of the board with the back foot pressed on the tail. Bend your knees and push the tail of the board down to the ground. The tail touching the ground becomes your cue to jump. This may take a few tries before you can successfully perform it.


2. Ollie off kickers – this is an ollie performed in ramps. Gather up a good speed to make it up and over the ramp and do the ollie position. When the board’s nose is at the top of the ramp, do an ollie. Remember that this trick is all about proper timing and stance.


3. Pop shove it – this is where the board spins at 180 degrees. More challenging as it is, this can be performed by doing an ollie then moving the back of your foot in backwards in a sweeping position. After the board spin, be sure to catch the board with your feet and land.


4. Boarslide – this is the most basic of grinding tricks, which are more advanced and recommended for experienced skaters. For this trick, you can use ramps or elevated areas where you can run the skate in a slight angle. Do a 90-degree ollie and land on the ramp with only the middle of the board touching the surface. The key is to maintain an even weight on both feet and keeping the balance.


5. Boneless – an old school skating trick, but still remains cool and challenging. Start with a slow speed (recommended) and slowly grab right the board right behind the front wheels. The next step is to take the front foot off the board and land in on the ground as you jump with that leg. While your in the air, put the front foot back on the board and land with your knees bent and feet above the truck bolts.